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Training Services for End Users
Our in depth training programs are designed to enable the attendee to competently manage, program, configure and operate the product. They include extensive hands-on time with the product.
Training Services for Technical Staff
Our training services provide our Dealer's technical staff with the necessary skills to configure, install, operate, troubleshoot, and repair our products to a level that will meet or exceed their expectations. Most courses are a combination of lecture and lab instructions with emphasis on hand-on lab activities. Opertational up-to-date system hardware simulates actual customer environment wherever practical.
In addition to product-specific training, instruction and assistance is provided on the use of any necessary computer or test equipment (such as oscilloscopes and waveform monitors), and hand tools when the course requires them.
A complete set of product specifications, manuals, and a certificate of completion are given to each participant.
American Dynamics and Software House
North American classroom schedule and registration website
Europe, Middle East and Africa classroom schedule and registration web site
For information about the training courses in Asia, please contact apac.training@tycoint.com
For information about the training courses in Latin America, please contact ncarrascal@tycoint.com
For information about the training courses in Australia / New Zealand, please contact apac.training@tycoint.com
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