Intellex Incident Download Calculator

The Incident Download Calculator helps you determine how much time and storage is required to move video (and optionally audio) from an Intellex to a Network Client. The calculator computes results for a single camera "incident" — one camera's video/audio stream recorded at a specified rate for a specified duration. For multiple camera incidents, simply multiply the displayed results by the number of cameras.

Results are calculated automatically as changes are made to calculator settings. Note: When LAN is selected, the results may not change as settings are altered. This is because Intellex can deliver up to about 3.6 megabits per second maximum, which is only about 36% of a 10 Base T network (less on others). So, unless you lower the Bandwidth Utilization setting below 36% in a 10 Base T setting, the LAN results won't change.

Intellex Settings
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Incident Settings
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Incident Record Rate:
Incident Length:
Communication Settings
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Estimated Incident Download Information
Motion Incident Download Time Max. Incidents per Hour Minutes of Video per Hour Disk Space Required per Hour

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The results from the calculator are estimated values and there may be other variables that may affect the results.

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